Terms of Service

User Agreement

This User Agreement and Privacy Policy, and all other policies posted on the Coinvet website set out the terms by which Coinvet LLC offers you access to and use of the Coinvet marketplace and related services.

Coinvet is a marketplace that allows service buyers (sometimes referred to as employers or clients) to connect with service providers (sometimes referred to as employees or professionals).  Coinvet has no control over the user-provided content of job, gig, or profile postings, or any of the other content generated by third parties on the Coinvet website. As such, Coinvet does not guarantee the accuracy or reliability of the user-provided information on the website. In addition, Coinvet has no control over and assumes no liability for the actions of individuals who are connected to one another through the Coinvet website. For example, Coinvet has no control over and assumes no liability for the performance of services by service providers on jobs or projects or the actions or inactions of employers or clients. Users of the website should do their own due diligence prior to hiring a service provider for a job or project or accepting a job or project from an employer or client. In addition, Coinvet does not guarantee the reliability of recommendations and other data as a predictor of the level of service to expect on a particular job or project.

Any agreement between the employer or client and a service provider on a job or project is a contract or agreement between the employer/client and the service provider, and Coinvet is not a party to such contract or agreement.

Coinvet charges a 20% commission on bounties paid by a service buyer in connection with a job or project posting for which the service condition is satisfied by the service provider. In such a case, the remaining 80% of the bounty is split (in proportion to the vouch payment made in connection with each recommendation) by recommenders who recomended the selected application. In addition, those recommenders receive their vouch payments back in full.

For a full-time job, the professional must remain employed for 3 months after their start date with the employer for the recommenders to receive the bounty.

For a project, the professional must receive a rating from the client of 9/10 or more after the project for the recommenders to receive the bounty.

If an application for which vouch payments were made is not selected by the service buyer, those vouch payments are returned in full to the recommenders.

If the service condition is not satisfied, Coinvet will retain or use the forfeited bounty and vouch payments in any manner Coinvet chooses. In most cases, those vouch payments made in connection with the selected application are not returned. In addition, the bounty is not disbursed to any recommenders, nor is it returned to the service buyer.

Once an application has been selected by the service buyer, the parties to the agreement (service buyer and service provider) have a legally binding contract to fulfill the obligations under that agreement.

Coinvet does not process payments from service buyers to service providers.

While Coinvet processes bounty and vouch payments using Coinbase, Coinvet is not otherwise affiliated with Coinbase. Coinvet is not liable for any losses or errors made by Coinbase.

You agree to the following:

  • That all information that you post (including job or project information, and information on your Coinvet profile) is true and accurate.
  • That you will use the website solely for its intended purpose, facilitating the connection of service buyers and service providers.
  • Not to post or upload inappropriate content or items, such as, for example, items containing irrelevant, profane, offensive, or vulgar language or content.
  • Not to use the Coinvet website to engage in illegal activities.
  • Not to post false, misleading, inaccurate, defamatory, or libelous content.
  • As a service buyer, to provide accurate information with respect to dates and accurate ratings as to your opinion of service provider performance.
  • Not to use the Coinvet website to post spam, unsolicited communications, distribute viruses, or take any other actions to harm Coinvet or our users.
  • Not to violate Coinvet's intellectual property rights, including our patent rights, and our rights in our copyrights and trademarks, and not to violate any other third party's intellectual property rights.
  • That, by submitting an application for a job or gig, you consent to the information that you include in your application to be publicly accessible on the Coinvet marketplace.
  • That, by submitting an application, you have submtted an offer to work that will, if accepted, result in a binding employment agreement or agreement to perform a specified task (pursuant to the terms set out on the Coinvet job or project posting and application, together with any other terms agreed to by the parties).
  • That, by accepting an application in connection with a job or project posting on the Coinvet website, you have a binding employment agreement or agreement to perform a specified task (pursuant to the terms set out on the Coinvet job or project posting and application, together with any other terms agreed to by the parties).
  • As a service provider, you consent to having a service buyer rate your performance on a job or project procured through the marketplace.
  • To permit Coinvet to use your profile data in promotional materials.
  • That, by using the Coinvet website, including posting or editing job or project postings and profiles, you grant Coinvet the right to request additional information from you and/or contact third parties, in order to verify the accuracy and truthfulness of any and all information you have posted on the Coinvet website.
  • That, by posting or editing your information on Coinvet, you agree to provide Coinvet a non-exclusive, worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free, sublicensable right in all such content. All other content posted on the website is the exclusive property of Coinvet.

  • Coinvet reserves the right to take any lawful action to correct a violation of the User Agreement, including, but not limited to, terminating the account(s) of a user who violates the User Agreement and/or removing or revising content (such as job or project postings and profile information (including profile pictures), in whole or in part, that violates the User Agreement or for which the veracity of the content posted cannot easily and readily be verified.

    More generally, Coinvet reserves the right to remove any content, including content with respect to jobs, projects, or user profiles, and to bar individuals from using the Coinvet website, for any reason that Coinvet, in its sole discretion, deems is improper or otherwise inconsistent with the functions of the Coinvet website or detrimental to other users.

    In addition, Coinvet reserves the right to delete or edit, in whole or in part, any job or project postings or profiles or other content that is inconsistent with the purpose of this website, misleading, or inappropriate or offensive, and any fees paid will not be refunded.

    Disclaimer Warranties/Limitation of Liability

    We cannot guarantee the continuous operation of our website, or that all website functions are operating properly at any given time. As such, you agree that you are using the Coinvet website at your own risk. We disclaim all express or implied warranties, including, but not limited to, implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.  

    We are not liable for any damages or losses resulting from your use of our services or from the actions or inactions of third parties who you were connected with through the Coinvet website (including service providers and service buyers that you were connected with on a job or project through Coinvet).   

    Privacy Policy

    By using the Coinvet website and related services, you expressly consent to our use, collection, disclosure, and retention of any and all personal information that you disclose on the website or that is collected via our servers as a result of your visiting the website, as well as any and all information provided by third parties on the website as to you (such as, for example, ratings data).

    Our primary purpose in collecting data from users of the Coinvet website is to provide our users with access to our website, in order to facilitate the connections of service providers with service buyers on jobs and projects.

    We do not sell any data, including the data we collect from our users, to third parties.  

    The Coinvet website is not intended for children under the age of 13. We do not knowingly collect information from users in this age group.

    We may amend this User Agreement and Privacy Policy at any time.