The future of work

Coinvet is the groundbreaking new jobs and gigs marketplace where the crowd helps you find the best professionals for your exact needs, including professionals not currently on the marketplace and passive candidates you would never find using any other marketplace.

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Crowdsource the best professionals

No other marketplace or headhunter can match the power of Coinvet to find the perfect professional for your jobs and gigs.

Better than headhunters

The crowd's collective wisdom as to the best professional for a particular job or gig far exceeds that of any headhunter or marketplace algorithm.

Unbeatable value

As an employer or client, you set the bounty. You do not need to pay an exorbitant amount, and you have no recurring fees or commissions.

Bank on success

While recommenders earn bitcoin, professionals are paid as usual by employers and clients in dollars (or bitcoin if the parties prefer).

A Better


With Coinvet, as a job or gig poster, the best candidates will literally be delivered to you by the crowd.

Race to the


The crowd factors in everything to determine the best applications for a job or gig, and not just the lowest price.



Encourage someone that you know is perfect for a job or gig to apply, and earn bitcoin for doing so.

Simply better results

The crowd will reach out to professionals not currently on the marketplace - as well as professionals that you won't find using any other marketplace - to ensure you find the best professionals for your jobs and gigs.

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The concept of Coinvet is rocking computer savvy job seekers and employers alike.

NBC 29

Charlottesville, Virginia

Coinvet is a revolutionary new way to hook employers and employees up without the exorbitant price that is usually associated with doing so.

Industry Week

Coinvet is revolutionizing the jobs market.

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Coinvet was voted a top product on Product Hunt.

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This is an Example Job

Employer: admin

Salary: $200,000 per year

Application Period Ends: Mar 28, 2018

Bounty: 1.0000 BTC

Location: Washington, DC

Description: This is an example job. You would include job details here. The more detail, the better.