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No other system can match the power of Coinvet to find the perfect professional for an employer or client's needs

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Coinvet's unique system incentivizes the crowd to find the best professionals for your particular needs. It simply works better than other marketplaces.


Coinvet's marketplace allows you to get rewarded high-end jobs and gigs, without the race to the bottom of other marketplaces. Get paid what you are worth.


Anybody can earn bitcoin by recommending professionals for jobs and gigs. If you have applied for a job or gig, you can encourage others to recommend you.


Everybody wins with Coinvet's new marketplace. While bounties to recommenders are disbursed in bitcoin, jobs and gigs are paid for as usual using regular money.

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This is an Example Job

Employer: admin

Salary: $200,000 per year
Application Period Ends: Jan 25, 2018

Bounty: 1.0000 BTC
Location: Washington, DC

This is an example job. You would include job details here. The more detail, the better.